Scuba Diving Activity in Andaman

Visiting Andaman and not exploring yourself into the oceanic world would be utter waste of the time spend in the Andaman Islands. Therefore, always opt the opportunity to take up Scuba Diving in the crystal clean waters of Havelock, Port Blair & Neil at Andaman Islands.

The view of live colorful corals, various species of fishes will revive all your happy hormones and you will find your brain acting with full of positive vibes after the adventurous Scuba Diving activity.

The joy of having ‘Coconut Water’ after the adventurous Scuba Diving sport and if couples, the romantic feeling under the sea is the uniqueness you will hardly found anywhere in the country except Andaman.

Never be in the assumption that only the person who knows swimming is qualified to do the Scuba Diving sport, so feel free to take up the sport by just going through a small test that will be taken up by the certified Masters in the aforesaid field.

Although the sport is scheduled in the Andaman Islands throughout the year but the best time to take up the activity is from November to April. The popular diving site in the Islands are North Bay Island, Inglish Island at Havelock, Neil Island and you may also get an option to dive near the Barren Island (only active volcano in the India), which may also let you have the glimpse of the Barren Island.

You can capture the moment in the sea life with the marine digital cameras that will remain available with the certified scuba diver taking you for the diving.However, pregnant ladies, people with diabetes, cancer, Blood Pressure, heart problems are strictly suggested not to take up the above sport. As far as safety and precaution is concerned, Andaman Administration has equipped proper manpower with training at every Scuba Diving spots; Lifeguards, TSET team etc. to check the safety of the visitors.

Moreover, if you have done Scuba Diving once at Andamans, no doubt you are coming again to enjoy the same sport here, as picturesque Andamans is the finest place for Scuba Diving.

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